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RealNews: Current Events

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R e a l N e w s

realnews (RN) is a periodic digest of international news. We cut out the useless filler stories that too often infiltrate local, national, and international news networks, to inform you of the important goings-on in the world. We also strive to bring you news that the American media consider unimportant or not "newsworthy."

Too often in this modern world of hustle and bustle do we forget to listen to what's going on around us. Invasions, rebellions, hostages, explosions... such things often blow by, unnoticed by the average citizen.

Oppose this sad trend by joining RN! It will provide you with a regular world news briefing, with a focus on international politics, that you can scan in a few seconds while reading the daily gossip.

Each briefing will consist of summaries of select top news headlines, with links to full articles if you care to explore further. We try not to clutter: the posts will be appropriately LJ-cut formatted. And, of course, all subscribers are free and welcome to directly post comments about the stories or this publication.

Thank you for your interest in RN!

realnews is maintained and updated by dupes.

Also check out our affiliate, middleeast, run by the_summer_wind.