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Liberia: New president Bryant arrives in Monrovia
Cheering crowds met the man charged with bringing a lasting peace to the nation.

Latin America
Bolivia: President pauses gas-exportation plans, promises to consult opposition before final decision
More protestor deaths bring calls from around the world for the defiant president to halt the new programs.

Saudi Arabia: Government announces elections
Citizens will be able to vote for candidates to half of the positions on the Council of Ministers next year, the monarchy's first elections.

Iraq: Proposed UN resolution gives Governing Council until December to submit autonomy timetable
The US hopes the Security Council will pass the resolution requiring the Iraqi interim government to solidify the process of writing its new constitution and organizing elections.
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Hi, what happened to this community?

I have been looking for a good clean-cut news community, and this looks like it might have been it, but it seems to have stopped. Any chance it might start up again?
In fact, yes, see my post in the comm this evening :)